the cottonduck

The Cotton Duck started a few years ago, all thanks to the founder and creator of this business.

We also want to express our gratitude to all those people who made every item we make a success. They helped us maintain the quality of each and every single item we sell to other people. If it weren’t for them and the founder’s great way of handling this business, we will probably never be successful. Looking back a few years ago, we never thought that we’ll do a very great job in making these masterpieces we now share with others.

Like any other business, we also started from the bottom and made our way to the top. The Cotton Duck used to be a small shop from Sandwich, Massachusetts on cape cod. But before that, the business owner started creating his own handicrafts and handmade goods for herself and her family. As time goes by, people recognized her skills and eventually loved everything she created. They would buy from her and ask for more. That’s when she decided to build a small shop to be able to share her creations with others. Not many people knew her that time and there’s only a few who can appreciate her works. But still, she managed to keep her small business afloat until she gained her footing from hard work.

Trying out others things and being innovative made her small shop more successful. Hiring other people became a good idea later on as she was able to use the additional hands in producing more items that expanded her own little shop. That was she took courage and catapulted her business to the next level. She religiously worked day and night to further develop her business. Now, The Cotton Duck is continuously growing. It is now known as the leading primitive and unique type of brand that people can trust.‎