We regularly receive a lot of questions and inquiries from clients especially those who are new to our online shop regarding our products. To share them with you, here are some frequently asked questions about us and our store.

The cotton dock decorations rooms

I am wondering if I can drop by your store in Massachusetts anytime? Will you please tell me your opening and closing hours?

Yes, you can visit our store in Massachusetts and you are certainly welcome anytime. However, our store is closed every Sunday as a rest day for the workers and staffs. You are free to visit on Monday to Saturday at 8:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening. Please do drop by at the mentioned hours to make your visit worthwhile.

I wanted to ask if everything you sell in your shop is also available online?

We do sell through our online shop everything we have in our physical shop. For those items that may be out of stock, we indicate it there also and include information on when they would be available again. This is done to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. Everything we include in our listings is available for dispatch upon purchase. For custom work, we also include there a reasonable timeframe so our customers could easily manage their expectations.

Do you have any other branches besides the one on Sandwich, Massachusetts? I want to visit your store personally but I’m afraid it’s too far so I am asking if there’s another branch?

Unfortunately, we have no other branches other than the one we have in Massachusetts yet. But our company is already working on building more stores in other places for better accessibility to our customers and to meet the demand as well. We will post an update on our online shop as soon as the other stores are ready to serve you.